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Reviews and Ratings


Posted by Gayla

November 18, 2022

I had never hired a lawyer before and did not no what to expect. She was professional the whole way and I had a favorable outcome to a very bad situation.


Posted by Mona

October 18, 2022

I hired Miss Phillips after receiving six charges, one charge was a DUI. All my charges were dismissed today! I could not be more impressed with her level of professionalism, humanism, and knowledge. I've already recommended her to a few people prior to her win on my case, and will forever continue to do so! There were medical issues, and travel for work involved and with her help we navigated everything perfectly! This was a tremendous burden on me and having every single charge dismissed and expunged from my record is the most relieving thing to happen all this year, once again thank you, you're amazing and I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.


Posted by Colin

August 11, 2022

Attorney Diana Phillips’ business card was given to me by a family friend after I was arrested on a warrant from 4 years ago when I broke up a fight. She agreed with me that it was completely ridiculous and I hired her the day I contacted her. Over the next few months she worked diligently to keep me informed and get my case handled with ease. They dismissed my case and cleared my record and I’m not sure how it would have ended up had I tried to handle it myself. Thank you so much for Dianna Phillips and her hard work!


Posted by Javarius Pratt

August 11, 2022

She helped every step she was there each time fighting for the best outcome helping her client understand the rights and helping her client do better within his/her self to the end. Great Lawyer.


Posted by Peter

August 8, 2022

I was very satisfied with the energy attorney Phillips put into my case, I felt like she really was my champion and did everything she could to help my case. Easy to get in touch with and very responsive. I would hire her again, and will recommend her to friends and family.


Posted by Jacob

August 26, 2021

I couldn't have asked for a better Attorney. She was always quick in calling me back. She kept me informed of what was going on with my case and she is a very caring person. I felt like I had known her all my life. It is very rare to find an attorney who sincerely cares about you and your family. Diana Phillips is a jewel. I highly recommend her services.


Posted by Jason

June 18, 2021

Diana Phillips is a woman that knows her job. I'm way up in Michigan and had a warrant in Chattanooga. It was a mess of a case. Ms. Phillips not only picked up the pieces I left behind but she resolved the whole thing for me at a very reasonable rate. She cleared my name just like she said she would and, in fact, went above and beyond her part of the deal. Best attorney I've ever had. I'll never use another should the need arise. Diana Phillips is the best there is at what she does (no doubt about it), and anyone who needs help like I did has no better option.


Posted by Anonymous

February 18, 2021

Diana was able to help a family member receive the best outcome possible in his case. She was great, cared about his outcome & him as a person, & afterward she even offered a recommendation for some help with a medical manner, which we are so very grateful for. I highly recommend her!!!


Posted by Kenneth

July 14, 2020

Her excellent reviews led me to contact Diana. Still feeling shocked concerning my case, as I had never in my life received such a charge, Diana was understanding and comforting. Hearing my account, she shared the defense process and strategies available to me. From a ministry background, one of the strategies which could lead to a dismissal and expungement appealed to me. Carefully following Diana's direction, that was the very outcome I received! She was outstanding and it was a pleasure to be represented by her!


Posted by Scarlett

June 30, 2020

I cannot say enough kind words about Diana! Shes goes above and beyond to get the best results for your case. This was my first offense, and it was pretty steep - felt like a short death sentence. I had gone to a few other lawyers for consultations on my case, and had been given no hope. However, instead of looking at me just as a case, Diana listened to my story and fought long and hard for me, with end results better than I thought possible! She works with your availability and is affordable. Diana is very personable but also fierce in the courtroom. Hire Diana, you will not regret it!


Posted by Anonymous

June 3, 2020

Diana was great! From the start, she adjusted her schedule to fit me in. She was easy to talk to and not too intimidating to me as a client, but the moment she enters the courtroom, she has her game face on. She's very direct and professional but yet very genuine with me and my family. She made us feel like she truly cared. She was on top of everything and always kept me informed. I was pleased with the outcome of my case.


Posted by Kurstin

April 4, 2020

Diana Phillips is unlike any attorney I've had. She truly cares about the well-being of her clients. Ms. Phillips was appointed to be my lawyer in the criminal court system. Diana did everything to the best of her ability, as if she were fighting her own case. If you want an attorney who genuinely cares, she is the one for you! Thank you for everything Diana. I still cannot thank you enough!


Posted by James 

February 21, 2020

My son had a failure to appear and another charge from a couple years prior. I contacted Diana at 10 pm when he still hadn't been booked into Hamilton Co jail after turning himself in that am. Diana was able to intercede and get him processed later that evening. From there, she walked us through everything: from bail, to hearing, to negotiating the sentence with DA, to paying fines. I highly recommend Diana as a litigator who works tirelessly for her clients.


Posted by Ruby 

January 31, 2020

My grandson got in trouble. Diana was great. She took good care of him.  She explained everything well and was a caring professional. She kept him out of jail with community service and probation. She is awesome. If ever needed and I hope not, I would use her again. Did I say affordable? She was great. Thanks again.


Posted by Brandon
October 26, 2019

Diana was always up front about my case. She always gave me the facts like they were. Very easy to talk to and will fight for you. She will get the best outcome for you


Posted by Anonymous
August 15, 2019

I received a significant speeding ticket traveling through Chattanooga recently and fortunately found a contact for Diana Phillips. I don't live in TN and didn't really know what to expect. I contacted Diana via email and she responded promptly and began working on my case after a brief phone call. She was very responsive and kept me updated on her progress working with the court on my case. She was very motivated and creative in reaching an agreed approach for having my case dismissed. She handled every aspect of my case with a successful conclusion, and without me needing to appear in court. I am extremely pleased working with Diana on my case and I highly recommend her. Thank you Diana for your work on my case.


Posted by Brian
July 1, 2019

She got my case dismissed quickly.  I really lucked out with how great of a lawyer and person she is.  She deserves an 11/10.


Posted by Iris
March 18, 2019

I got in trouble for the first time in my life and I was super distressed. I got in contact with Ms. Diana Phillips because of her exceptional reviews. I have zero regrets. She was super professional and made sure all my concerns and worries were addressed. Seriously I could not have had a better experience.


Posted by anonymous
March 17, 2019

Mrs. PhillIps is amazing! I’m happy that I chose her to be my lawyer. She’s very caring and she does everything she can to get you the best deal. She was able to dismiss my 2 felony charges and get me a diversion for my misdemeanor charge. I really appreciate her for helping me beat my case. I would recommend Diana.


Posted by Douglas
December 28, 2018

Whether you need representation or sound legal advice, Diana Phillips is on your side. She is professional, experienced, and attentive to the needs of your individual case. Diana was able to put my mind at ease with her comprehension and knowledge of the law. If you hire her for your attorney she will make you feel as though you are her top priority with her personable attention to your defense. When the chips seem to be stacked against you, Diana is in your corner providing you with confidence and peace of mind. Highly recommended.


Posted by Cassandra
November 7, 2018

I recently found myself in a position of needing a lawyer. I was fortunate enough to have found a GREAT ATTORNEY. She made me feel at ease. I  was so scared and could not understand what was going on with all the legal stuff.  I'm 49 years old and have never been in trouble with the law until then. But Ms Phillips was very understanding and caring. If I need an attorney again I want her to have my back. She got all charges against me dismissed. I recommend her; she will fight for you. This lady is an AMAZING ATTORNEY.


Posted by Amanda
July 23, 2018

Diana is absolutely amazing. She has great communication skills and is very personable. I was quite stuck in a rut and she got me back on track and into compliance with the court. She always kept in contact with me in regards to updates about my case as well as just checking up with me in between court dates. I never once felt uncomfortable with her. She answered any and all questions I had. She eased my fears and always treated me as if my case was of high importance to her. Never once did I feel like she was rushing through anything. I am very happy with my outcome and would recommend her to anyone!


Posted by Amy
June 8, 2018

Ms. Phillips was amazing with my spouse's case. She didn't fail to fight for him, she stayed in contact with me and kept us both informed. She is very professional and goes the extra mile for her clients.


Posted by Josh 

January 20, 2018

Diane Phillips is the antidote to missteps in your life. She makes a bad situation better by taking every step with you through the system. Her knowledge and professional abilities along with a personal approach make her the attorney to call. She can help you get out of legal situations you find yourself in after a misstep. She definitely helped me. Many thanks to you Ms. Phillips!


Posted by Tania

September 1, 2017

Words can't express how amazing Diana Phillips is. She is the most amazing lawyer ever.  My son was innocent and she didn't stop til the truth was proven. It didn't matter if we needed her day or night, she was there for something as simple as a fast question or a long concern. She made a bad situation feel as comfortable as she could and in the end my son got the verdict he deserved, thanks to the truth and his lawyer fully being behind him 100%.  We need more people like Diana. The world would be a better place and justice will be served, amen.


Posted by Greg

August 9, 2017

I just want to start off by thanking Ms. Phillips with her assistance with my case.  She made things very easy and it was a very quick process getting everything taken care of.  I highly recommend that anyone with court issues in the Chattanooga area contact her. You will not be disappointed.


Posted by Anonymous

March 8, 2017

I hired Diana after a previous attorney allowed a simple matter to progress to criminal court. Diana aggressively handled the case and briefed me on exactly how things would go down and she was correct.  I highly recommend Diana -- she does her job and does it well. With Diana, you have a sense of knowing that she is handling it and not leaving you in the balance.


Posted by Anonymous
February 19, 2017

We hired Diana to help when our son was arrested for public intoxication. Never having dealt with anything like this before she made us feel at ease and explained exactly what he could expect in the courtroom. We would highly recommend Diana.


Posted by Anonymous
November 22, 2016

Recently my son found himself in a situation that required legal counsel. Diana was recommended by a friend and I am so very happy that I called her. She was very knowledgeable and confident in handling this case. She was always available to answer our questions and gave us peace of mind throughout the process. I am very grateful to her for the job that she did.


Posted by Jamie

November 18, 2016

What can I say? Not enough!!!  Diana is very talented in the courtroom and really all around. From the very first phone call, she took my case by the reigns. She had some old issues resolved before court and to beat that she had my case resolved on the first court date. I cannot thank her enough. She is a very very talented attorney and very reasonable on price. I couldn't be happier.


Posted by Anonymous

November 18, 2016

After a fun Thursday night concert in Chattanooga TN, I found myself on the wrong side of the law for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. NOT knowing any attorneys in Chattanooga since I've never needed one, I turned to AVVO for help. I found a jewel of a lawyer in Diana Phillips. A private practice attorney who was not part of a big law firm. Diana's knowledge of the law and the DA's in Chattanooga helped steer me thru the legal mess I had gotten myself into with just the personal embarrassment and humiliation of being arrested as my punishment. Her compassion and reassurance that she would take care of me never wavered, even when I had great doubts of the outcome. I personally feel I could not have found a better attorney in Chattanooga than Diana.


Posted by Tom

July 31, 2016

I am so happy that I chose Diana to represent me in my case. I had a Class C felony charge against me and was seriously nervous about my future. After meeting with Diana and discussing my situation, I knew she was the right attorney for me. She was honest, caring, and ready for the challenge ahead of us. In the end, she did what she said she would do and then some. My charges were eventually dismissed and my record was expunged...


Posted by Gary

July 8, 2016

Diana was able to keep me from getting probation and got a diversion set-up. She did everything she said at the consultation and then some. She is a consummate professional. This was my first experience with an attorney.


Posted by Richard on June 21, 2016


Recently one of my teenage children got into some trouble. As any parent would be, I was hurt, disappointed and shocked. The night before we were supposed to meet with the investigator for the initial interview I was made aware of the possibility of another unforeseen, and potentially seriously life altering charge to be brought against my child. I was devastated and in a panic. Just hours before the interview, I began searching the internet for Juvenile Defense Attorneys. I came across Diana's name and began to read the reviews that had been left by her former clients and, as I read the reviews, I knew that I just had to get her to represent my child. The interview with the detective was scheduled for 4:00 p.m. and it was now noon. I was panicking. I contacted Diana and explained my situation to her. She asked me to come by her office and we talked further and within in 30 minutes she had rescheduled the interview so that she could be in attendance and represent my child. Charges ending up being filed against my child and a court date set. During this process Diana was always courteous, professional and on top of every aspect of the case. She was very detailed and thorough. The case is now over and the charges against my child have been dismissed.

Space is limited here so I cannot rave about Diana as much as I would like to, I could literally write pages and pages. Let me say that she was always upfront and honest. She never sugar coated anything but was always optimistic and encouraging. What I love about her is that she treated my family like we were human beings and was genuinely concerned about obtaining the best possible outcome for my child. She went out of her way to encourage my wife and assure her everything would be okay. Diana truly was an answer to my prayers.


Posted by a client on May 17, 2016


Diana was recommended to me by Judge Houston. I had a very complicated domestic case that was in criminal and circuit court. She worked with an Assistant District Attorney who did not want to do her job. And she finally got my case dismissed, even bringing in a computer forensics expert. I would highly recommend her.


Posted by a client on February 19, 2016


Diana got my daughter released from Jail to attend rehab and a sober living facility twice in a row. She had to deal with three different judges about three separate probations for my daughter. She helped work a miracle both times and she did it efficiently and quickly. Thanks to Diana my daughter is getting the professional help she desperately needs. Kudos to you Diana!!


Posted by a client on January 4, 2016


My family recently experienced a situation requiring legal counsel. We feel fortunate to have contacted Ms. Phillips. She responded to our initial phone message very promptly, and she scheduled an appointment with us for the next day. Ms. Phillips' consistent communication and her availability were exceptional. Her passion and genuine concern were evident in each interaction. This provided peace of mind during very unsettling circumstances. We highly recommend Ms. Phillips for anyone in need of legal consultation and direction.


Posted by a client on December 1, 2015


Diana is a very good and caring lawyer. She guided me through a difficult situation involving two different jurisdictions. I wouldn't have handled it as well on my own. My case had some special circumstances, but I was able to plea a DUI charge down and all the things that come with a DUI. I am so thankful to her that I still have my license and I can drive to school. She did very well for me, if you need representation or advice don't hesitate. I can't say enough good things.


Posted by a client on October 26, 2015


Diana was an incredible resource and asset in getting my charges expunged and completely taken care of. She was extremely professional and determined to represent me in accordance with our consultation and with my requests. She is confident in the courtroom and works very hard for her clients. She keeps in touch in between hearings to make sure her clients are as comfortable and informed as possible while working with her. Should I need representation again, I would most definitely call her and would definitely recommend her to anyone searching for solid representation.


Posted by Danette on July 24


I recently had the pleasure of working with Diana Phillips very closely on a case! I have never been a big fan of attorneys and was very reluctant on my choice but I must say I was totally blown away by her compassion for me and her above and beyond the call of duty abilities! She kept reassuring me in ways that made me feel I was in excellent hands!! I spent 20 years in the Human Resources field and when I first spoke with her.....I knew I had the RIGHT one! I went with my gut instinct and I was so Happy with the end result! She is Amazing and very intuitive and fights hard!! Not only did I have the BEST attorney out there...I made a friend for life!!! She was totally prepared for court and kept in close touch with me entire time!! I even had another Attorney tap me on the shoulder and tell me I had made an excellent choice.....and I couldn't agree more!!! Thank You Diana!!!


Posted by Karen on June 24


I have to say, I was very surprised to be contacted by Ms. Phillips, you see I live in San Diego & she works in Chattanooga. I was so grateful to get an update about my loved one who was in jail. She spent time with me on the phone & answered my questions. After the case was dismissed, Ms Phillips went beyond her duties and made sure my loved one made it onto a bus so she could come home. Without her help, I'm sure things would of turned out differently. It is nice to know there are people out in this world, who DO still care. Thank you again!



Posted by Ben on June 19


I had the pleasure of getting to know Attorney Phillips while I was the program coordinator over an A&D program. I witnessed her work hard and passionately on behalf of her clients. I know Attorney Phillips as someone who goes above and beyond for her clients. I believe that her work ethic comes out of a personal conviction to seek justice in a way that factors in broader problems like poverty and addiction. She is knowledgeable and accessible and is a valuable resource to have on one’s side.



Posted by Derrek on May 21


My legal troubles have been plentiful throughout the years, to say the very least. I know one may think that a five star rating is impossible for an attorney. You are totally right. She deserves more. In a two month period of incarceration she visited me and went beyond her requirements to actually help me. In turn I am now free and working hard to show her that her efforts to get me the help i needed were not in vain. She is truly an attorney I would suggest to anyone. Believe me up til now my faith in attorneys was..... I had none.


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