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Civil Representation

Chattanooga lawyer Diana Phillips offers legal representation in a variety of civil law areas such as Wills, Trusts, "Living Wills", Power of Attorney and other documents needed for the future. Many people delay preparing these documents, yet it is so important to have them, not just for yourself, but for your family at a time when they are grieving.  Diana Phillips can prepare these documents for you at very reasonable price.

  • Crimes
    Juvenile Law DUI/DWI* Drug Related Crimes Violent Crimes Theft, Burglary, Robbery Sexual Crimes Probation Violations Appeals Expungements More *For DUI clients, please complete the AAPDA Questionnaire.
  • The Next Step
    Contact Diana Phillips by phone, or email to arrange a free consultation.
  • Consultation
    During your free consultation, we will meet to discuss your case. The process will be explained to you in detail and any questions or concerns you have will be listened to and addressed. A fee for representation will be determined during the free consultation. Once an agreement is reached, I will move forward to represent you vigorously.
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