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Being charged with a crime, even a misdemeanor, is frightening and confusing.  A conviction is devastating and also puts stress on friends and family. Fortunately, our legal system offers a number of protections to safeguard the rights of individuals, including the right to legal counsel. 



Attorney Diana Phillips also offers civil representation, including:  Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Care Directives ("Living Wills"), Child Support, Child Custody, Personal Injury cases and more. 


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I rarely write reviews and when I do, it is because I feel very strongly in a positive or negative way. In this case, I can unequivocally recommend Diana. I received what could have been a very expensive ticket in terms of insurance premiums and consequences to my driving record. I decided to contact her because of several good reviews I read about her. Diana showed extraordinary initiative from the moment I first sat down in her office. She told me she was good, and I would not regret hiring her. She was right. She actually started working on my ticket that first day. She went above and beyond and in my case, the ticket was reduced to a very small fine and did not go on my record. I didn't even have to enter a courtroom. She also worked on a couple other things for me that she could have charged for but didn't. She is personable, motivated (can't stress this enough; it was almost like my ticket was her ticket), and responds promptly to all communication. Receiving the ticket was pretty stressful situation, and it was such a relief once Diana took over. You are in very good hands when you hire her.

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